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Department of Accounting

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Biographical note

Born in Manfredonia (FG). Bachelor in Business Administraton from Università Bocconi. PhD in Business Administration and Management from Università Bocconi. Visiting PhD student at Harvard Business School (2001). Awarded Donato Menichella Prize in 2018. Awarded the title of Ensign of Labor by the President of the Italian Republic.

Academic CV

Dean of the Undergraduate School. KPMG Chair, Full Professor, Accounting Department. President of the European Accounting Association.

Research areas

Financial reporting quality. Discretionary Disclosure. Disclosure to financial markets. Corporate governance and accounting quality. International accounting standards. Family firms. Private firms.




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  • Proprietary costs and determinants of voluntary segment disclosure: evidence from Italian listed companies", European Accounting Review, n. 2, 2004.

  Books and chapters

  • Consolidation. Preparing and understanding consolidated financial statements under IFRS (with C. Gallimberti and A. Marra), McGraw-Hill, London, UK, 2013
  • Time to WaitTime to Invest: The Case of Trade Order Executions by Specialists on the NYSE (with S. Bar-Yosef), in I. Venezia I. Z. Wiener (Editors), Bridging the GAAP: Recent Advances in Finance and Accounting, World Scientific Publisher, UK, 2012.
  • Earnings quality. Analisi della qualità degli earnings in una prospettiva internazionale, Pearson Education, Milan, 2006