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Associate Professor
Department of Law

During my academic life, I have extensively taught corporate law, corporate governance and financial market regulation to undergraduate and graduate students. I have been invited to and organized several conferences and seminars both nationally and internationally.

Biographical note

I am Associate Professor in Company Law, Law Department.

Degree in Economics from Bocconi, Master of Science in Law and Accounting from the London School of Economics, PhD in International Commercial and Corporate Law from Università Cattolica, Milano. 

I am a Faculty Member of the Bocconi PhD in Legal Studies and I have been of the PhD in Law of Business and Commerce.

Editorial Board Membership: Rivista delle Società; Rivista del Diritto Societario.

Research Fellow of the Baffi Carefin Research Centre and Representative Member of the ECGI (European Corporate Governance Institute).


I am currently on leave since I am serving as a Consob Commissioner.

Research interests

My main research interests lie at the intersection between financial markets regulation and company law, specifically in the field of takeovers, market abuses, transparency and corporate governance.

Selected Publications

Mosca, Maria Chiara; Picciau, Chiara
Making non-financial information count: accountability and materiality in sustainability reporting
Finance durable et droit : perspectives comparées, 2020

Mosca, Maria Chiara
Il sottile confine tra informazioni interne e informazioni privilegiate
Il caleidoscopio dell'informazione nel diritto societario e dei mercati : in ricordo di Guido Rossi, 2020

Mosca, Maria Chiara
Article 10: Unlawful disclosure of inside information
Market abuse regulation: commentary and annotated guide, 2017

Mosca, Maria Chiara
Attivismo degli azionisti, voto di lista e «azione di concerto»