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Department of Law

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Biographical note

Born 29 May 1984, Firenze, Italia. Dr Gasbarri graduated with a Bachelor in literature (2007), a Bachelor and a Master in Law (2012) from the University of Florence, followed by a master in laws from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (2015) and a Ph.D. in Law (2016) from the University of Milan.

Academic CV

Postdoctoral researcher in public international law under the supervision of Professor Roger O'Keefe. Previously, Dr Gasbarri was research associate at University College London, working with Dr Ralph Wilde on his project "Human Rights Beyond Borders", and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, working with Professor Jan Klabbers on his project "Towards a Credible Ethics for Global Governance". Currently, he is visiting fellow at UCL and at the University of Verona. He held visiting positions at the centre of excellence iCourts (University of Copenhagen) and at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law. He is junior editor (theme developer in international institutional law) of the Oxford database on the law of international organizations.

Research areas

Dr Gasbarri is a generalist public international lawyer. He has worked on a variety of specialised areas, such as human rights law, the law of international organizations, international responsibility, the law of treaties and the sources of international law. He obtained his PhD with a thesis on the dual legal nature of the legal systems developed by international organizations and the law they produce. He is also interested in legal theory and the study of the different approaches to international law. In particular, he developed a specialization in the field of law and literature and legal argumentation.




  • The Concept of an International Organization in International Law (OUP, 2021)

Articles and Book Chapters

  • 'On the Benefit of Reinventing the Wheel: The Notion of Single Internationally Wrongful Act' (2020) 31-4 European Journal of International Law 1223
  • 'The European Union is not a State: International Responsibility for Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing Activities' (2020) 7 Maritime Safety and Security Law Journal 62
  • ‘Beyond the Either-Or Paradigm’ in S. Droubi and J. d’Aspremont (eds), International Organizations, Non-State Actors, and The Formation of Customary International Law, Melland Schill Perspectives on International Law (Manchester University Press 2020)
  • ‘The International Legal Responsibility of the OSCE’ in Anne Peters, Mateja Platise and Carolyn Moser (ed), Revisiting the Legal Status of the OSCE (Cambridge University Press, 2019)
  • ‘Courtspeak: A Method to Read the Argumentative Structure Employed by the International Court of Justice in its Judgments and Advisory Opinions’ in Armin von Bogdandy, Helene Ruiz Fabri, Ingo Venzke, André Nunes (ed), International Judicial Legitimacy. New Voices and Approaches (NOMOS Verlag, 2020)
  • ‘Responsible Rhetoric’, in Jan Klabbers, Maria Varaki and Guilherme Vasconcelos Vilaca (ed) Towards Responsible Global Governance? An Exploration (University of Helsinki, 2018)
  • ‘Overlapping Responsibility: The Legal Relationship between the International Organization and the Host State’ in Andreas de Guttry, Micaela Frulli, Edoardo Greppi, Chiara Macchi (eds) The Duty of Care of International Organisations towards their Civilian Personnel Sent on Missions (T. M. C. Asser Press, 2018)
  • ‘The Dual Legality of the Rules of International Organizations’ (2017) 14/1 International Organizations Law Review 87
  • ‘Al-Dulimi and the Competing Concepts of International Organizations’ (2016) European Papers –European Forum – Insight
  • 'Responsabilità di un’organizzazione internazionale in materie di sua competenza esclusiva: imputazione e obbligo di risultato secondo il Tribunale Internazionale per il Diritto del Mare’ (2015) 98/3 Rivista di Diritto Internazionale 911