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Distinguished Professor
Department of Social and Political Sciences

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Biographical note

Although born and raised in Denmark, I have spent most of my adult life abroad. It all began at University of Wisconsin where I obtained the PhD. From there I moved to Harvard, where I worked for about 7 years. But I was itching to return to Europe, and was offered a position at the EUI in Firenze. But the EUI has no tenure arrangement, so eventually I moved to University of Trento because I wanted to stay in Italy ….I had bought a fantastic house (built in 1600s!) near Firenze. But Italy eventually came to a (temporary) end due to marriage which, in turn, implied a move to Barcelona and a job at Pompeu Fabra, where I have worked and also raised two boys over the past two decades. And then I managed to return to Italy two years ago… this time to Milano and Bocconi.

Academic CV

I obtained the PhD from U. Wisconsin and have taught in the US, Italy and Spain. In addition, I have held numerous guest professorships in Europe and the U.S. I have been elected member of the British Academy and also the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. And I have been awarded the doctor honoris causa award from University of Copenhagen, Roskilde and Oslo. I am research professor at U. Bocconi since 2018.

Research areas

My current research focuses on two themes: One, on family demography and how women’s changing roles influence family dynamics. Two, on social stratification and intergenerational social mobility. I am in particular exploring how social mobility influences demographic outcomes such as partnering and divorce risks.




Selected publications (last decade)


  • The Incomplete Revolution. Adapting to Women’s new Roles. Cambridge: Polity Press (translations: Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish)
  • Families in the 21st Century. Stockholm: SNS



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