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Biographical note

Torben Pedersen is professor at the Bocconi University. His research interests is in the interface between strategy and international management and he has published over 100 articles and books. His research has appeared in prominent journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management, and Journal of International Business Studies.

Academic CV

2013- Professor in Global Strategy, Bocconi University, Italy
1999- Professor in International Business, Copenhagen Business School
2002-05 Head of Department at the Department of International Economics and Management
1997-99 Associate Professor (tenured), Copenhagen Business School
1993-97 Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School
1989-93 Ph.D.-Student, Copenhagen Business School
1988-89  Research Assistant, University of Copenhagen

Research areas

- Global strategy
- Offshoring/outsourcing
- International Management
- Knowledge Management
- Internationalization process
- Organization of hte MNC


  • A retrospective on: MNC knowledge transfer, subsidiary absorptive capacity, and HRM (with Ingmar Björkman, Carl F. Fey, Dana Minbaeva and Hyeon Jeong Park). Journal of International Business (forthcoming).
  • The effects of MNC parent effort and social structure on subsidiary absorptive capacity (with Stephanie C. Schleimer). Journal of International Business (forthcoming).
  • Knowledge Transfer and Accomodation Effects in Multinational Corporations: Evidence from European Subsidiaries (with Christian Geisler Asmussen & Nicolai J. Foss). Journal of Management, Vol 39: 1397-1429 2009 – lead article.
  • The Driving Forces of Subsidiary Absorptive Capacity (with Stephanie C. Schleimer). Journal of Management Studies, Vol 50(4): 646-672
  • Uncovering the hidden costs of offshoring: The interplay of complexity, organizational design and experience (with Marcus Møller Larsen and Stephan Manning). Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 34: 533-552.
  • Offshoring Strategy and International Competitiveness: Exploring the Antecedents of Offshoring Advanced Tasks (with Peter Ørberg Jensen). Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol 40 (2): 313-328, 2012.
  • Why a Central Network Position isn’t Enough: The Role of Motivation and Ability for Knowledge Sharing in Employee Networks (with Mia Reinholt and Nicolai J. Foss). Academy of Management Journal, Vol 54 (6), 2011.
  • Linking Customer Interaction and Innovation: The Mediating Role of New Organizational Practices (with Nicolai J. Foss and Keld Laursen). Organization Science, vol 22 (4): 980-999, 2011.
  • The Globalization of High-Value Activities: Why do Firms Offshore Advanced Tasks? (with Peter Ørberg Jensen). Journal of Management Studies, Vol 48 (2): 352-372, 2011.
  • Governance Mechanism for the Promotion of Social Capital for Knowledge Transfer in Multinational Corporations (with Dana Minbaeva and Paul Goodeham). Journal of Management Studies, Vol 48 (1): 123-150, 2011.