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Course 2017-2018 a.y.


Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management

Course taught in English

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ACME ( - I sem. - P)
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Course Objectives

The pre-course is strongly reccommended for all the enrolled ACME students. This crash course is aimed at providing students with a general knowledge about the issues that they encounter all along the two-years course. In fact, students with poor or defective basics in arts management and intellectual property law have the opportunity to become familiar with these topics. Without the ambition of being exhaustive, the main issues in the economics, law, policy and management of the arts and culture arise from reading and discussion of some relevant authors and scholars in the sectors.

Course Content Summary
  • Art and economics. The relationship between art and economics is explored beginning from the different perception of value in their own remits.
  • Cultural consumption. The phenomenon of cultural consumption is one the remarkable evolution of the markets in both Westerns and non-Western societies in the post-fordist model of development.
  • Cultural markets and industries. Production and supply of cultural goods and services follow its own paths of development and uncommon rules.
  • Cultural policies compared. Nations, regions and cities operate with different means, institutions and scope in delivering cultural policy.
  • Managing cultural organizations. The art of management is applied with ambiguous results to the management of art organizations and art people.
  • Intellectual property law. The rules governing the cultural industries are illustrated with a specific focus on copyright law as one of the main incentives to creativity.

Some articles and papers are distributed at the beginning of the module and slides of the lessons are also made available to students.
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