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Working papers


 “Improving Access to Banking: Evidence from Kenya” (with Franklin Allen, Robert Cull, Jun Qian, Lemma Senbet, and Patricio Valenzuela), third round revision, Review of Financial Studies

"The Price of Law: The Case of the Eurozone Collective Action Clauses” (with Paolo Colla, Mitu Gulati and Steven Ongena), second round revision, Review of Financial Studies

“The Redistributive Effects of Bank Capital Regulation” (with Robert Marquez and Silvio Petriconi), second round revision, Journal of Financial Economics

"The Impact of Merger Legislation on Bank Mergers” (with Steven Ongena, Jan-Peter Siedlarek and Giancarlo Spagnolo), second round revision, Journal of Financial Intermediation

"Supervisory Incentives in a Banking Union" (with Giovanni Dell Ariccia and Robert Marquez)

“Banks as Patient Lenders: Evidence from an Italian Tax Reform” (with Filippo De Marco, Vasso Ioannidou and Enrico Sette) – to be presented, among others, at NBER Summer Symposium, WFA, SFS Cavalcade North America, AFA 201

“The Interdependence between Capital and Liquidity” (with Agnese Leonello and Itay Goldstein), to be presented at NBER Summer Symposium and OxFit

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