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Welcome to my website. My name is Arnstein Aassve (Arnie for short) and I am an Associate Professor at Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management at Bocconi University. I am also the Director of the Bachelor in International Economics, Management and Finance (BIEMF). Please check the following link to get more information about the BIEMF program:


In addition I am the Deputy Director of the DONDENA Centre for Research on Social Dynamics. My research interests include demography, poverty and inequality - especially how it is linked to demographic processes. I am trained as an economist, but if you ask me which field I belong to I am not sure. I favour an inter-disciplinary approach to social problems and that is reflected in my publications I guess.

Link to the DONDENA centre:


Recently I have been working on youth poverty and unemployment. Here is a reportage from Euronews, which put focus on the rising unemployment in Italy - and its consequences.







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