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Working papers

    Goals and Gaps: Educational Careers of Immigrant Children
    Michela Carlana, Eliana La Ferrara and Paolo Pinotti

    Mimeo, December 2017

    Last change 04/01/2018

    Conflict, Climate and Cells: A Disaggregated Analysis
    Mariaflavia Harari and Eliana La Ferrara

    IGIER Working Paper n. 461, 2012

    Last change 28/03/2014

    Learning about the Enforcement of Conditional Welfare Programs and Behavioral Responses: Evidence from Bolsa Familia in Brazil
    Fernanda Brollo, Katja Kaufmann and Eliana La Ferrara

    mimeo, 2011

    Last change 22/04/2015

    Customary Norms, Inheritance and Human Capital. Evidence from a Reform of the Matrilineal System in Ghana
    Eliana La Ferrara and Annamaria Milazzo

    mimeo, 2011

    Last change 24/11/2011

    Racial Segregation and Public School Expenditure
    Eliana La Ferrara and A. Mele

    CEPR Discussion Paper 5750, 2006.

    Last change 23/07/2009

Last change 24/09/2008