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Working papers

Fathers' involvement in the family, fertility and maternal employment: Evidence from central and eastern Europe
Fanelli, E. and Profeta, P.


Dondena w.p. 131 / 2019

Media coverage:

Il Sole 24 Ore 28/5/2019


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Do women matter in monetary policy-making?
Donato Masciandaro, Paola Profeta and Davide Romelli

BAFFI CAREFIN Centre Research Paper No. 2018-88

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Wall Street Journal

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Statistical discrimination and the efficiency of quotas
J.I. Conde-Ruiz , J.Ganuza and P. Profeta

WP Fedea 2017-04

Last change 04/10/2018

Do Board Gender Quotas Matter? Selection, Performance and Stock Market effects
G. Ferrari, V. Ferraro, P. Profeta and C. Pronzato

WP IZA 11462

Previously circulated as "Gender quotas: Challenging the Boards, Performance and the Stock Market"

W.P. Dondena  92 , 2016

W.P. CEsifo 6084, 2016

W.P. IZA 10239, 2016


Media coverage:

The Economist 3/9/2018

Il Sole 24 Ore 22/1/2018 and 20/9/2018

Herald Scotland  6/3/2017

Oxford Business Law blog 8/12/2016

LSE Business Review  17/10/2016

N-IUSSP 12/12/2016

Corriere della Sera  19/9/2016; 4/7/2016;

La Voce 4/10/2016; 6/3/2015

La 27esima Ora 23/10/2015

El Pais 12/3/2015

In genere 9/10/2014


Policy impact

This paper in "Relazione RGS- Bilancio di Genere 2017" (page 103), October 2018


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Let the voters choose women
A. Baltrunaite, A. Casarico, P. Profeta and G. Savio

W.P. CESifo 5693, 2016


Media Coverage:

Corriere della Sera, 23/5/2016

27esima Ora 1/2/2016

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