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Professor of Statistics

Director, Ph.D. in Statistics (Statistics and Computer Science, from 2020-21)

Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (2018)

Fellow, International Society for Bayesian Analysis (2016)

Fellow, Bocconi Institute for Data Science and Analytics (BIDSA)


Research Interests

Bayesian Nonparametrics; Completely random measures; Distribution theory; Mixture models; Predictive inference; Species sampling; Survival analysis.


Editorial Activity

Associate Editor: Journal of the American Statistical Association (2020-); Bayesian Analysis (2019- ); Electronic Journal of Statistics (2016- ); Statistics & Probability Letters (2016-2019); Statistical Methods & Applications (2010-2013).


News and incoming events

Bayesian Learning Lab (BayesLab) established at BIDSA

Webinar series Junior Bayes Beyond the Borders (JB^3), co-organized by BayesLab and j-ISBA 

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