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I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Management and Technology at Bocconi University. I got a PhD from Copenhagen Business School and a Master of Science in Economics from Bocconi University. Here you can find my full CV


My research interests are in the field of corporate governance and family firms. Furthermore, I am interested in the interactions between finance and innovation, and in the behavioral aspects of corporate decision-making. Here is the link to my Google Scholar page.




Executive gender, competitive pressures, and corporate performance  (with Orsola Garofalo)
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming


Social capital and family control
Explorations in Economic History, forthcoming


Corporate governance and green innovation  (with Morten Bennedsen)
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2016), 75: 54-72


Companies learning to innovate in recessions 
Research Policy (2015), 44: 1574-1583


Gender interactions within the family firm  (with Orsola Garofalo and Alessandro Minichilli)
Management Science (2014), 60: 1083-1097


CEO succession mechanisms, organizational context, and performance: a socio-emotional wealth perspective on family-controlled firms  (with Alessandro MinichilliGuido Corbetta and Mattias Nordqvist)
Journal of Management Studies (2014), 51: 1153-1179


The value of local political connections in a low-corruption environment  (with Morten Bennedsen)
Journal of Financial Economics (2013), 110: 387-402


Credit supply and corporate innovation  (with Cedric Schneider and Alminas Zaldokas)
Journal of Financial Economics (2013), 109: 835-855


How do managerial successions shape corporate financial policies in family firms?  (with Alessandro Minichilli and Guido Corbetta)
Journal of Corporate Finance (2011), 17: 1016-1027




Local political uncertainty, family control and investment behavior (with Alessandro Minichilli)

Corporate governance and international trade  (with Alminas Zaldokas)

Executive gender and tournament incentives  (with Orsola Garofalo)

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