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I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Management and Technology at Bocconi University. I got a PhD from Copenhagen Business School and a Master of Science in Economics from Bocconi University. Here you can find my full CV


My research interests are in the field of corporate governance and family firms. Furthermore, I am interested in the interactions between finance and innovation, and in the behavioral aspects of corporate decision-making. Here is the link to my Google Scholar page.




Corporate governance and green innovation (with Morten Bennedsen). Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2016): 54-72.


Companies learning to innovate in recessions. Research Policy 44 (2015): 1574-1583.


CEO succession mechanisms, organizational context, and performance: a socio-emotional wealth perspective on family-controlled firms (with Alessandro MinichilliGuido Corbetta and Mattias Nordqvist). Journal of Management Studies  51 (2014): 1153-1179.


Gender interactions within the family firm (with Orsola Garofalo and Alessandro Minichilli). Management Science  60 (2014): 1083-1097.


The value of local political connections in a low-corruption environment (with Morten Bennedsen). Journal of Financial Economics  110 (2013): 387-402.


Credit supply and corporate innovation (with Cedric Schneider and Alminas Zaldokas). Journal of Financial Economics  109 (2013): 835-855.


How do managerial successions shape corporate financial policies in family firms? (with Alessandro Minichilli and Guido Corbetta). Journal of Corporate Finance  17 (2011): 1016-1027.



Selected working papers

Corporate governance and international trade (with Alminas Zaldokas).



Peer effects in family firm governance


Executive gender and tournament incentives (with Orsola Garofalo).


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