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- 40264 - ADVANCED ECONOMETRICS 3 ( Advanced Financial Econometrics)
   A.Y. 2013/2014 - Class: 1

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Rules concerning assessment in the course are here.

1. Introduction and review of key concepts: Loss functions and decision theory; forecast evaluation. [3 hours]

*Lecture slides
Granger, Clive WJ, and Mark J. Machina. "Forecasting and decision theory.Handbook of Economic Forecasting 1 (2006): 81-98.
West, Kenneth D. "Forecast evaluation.Handbook of Economic Forecasting 1 (2006): 99-134.

2. Forecasting stock returns. [6 hours]

*Lecture Slides (Part 1Part 2)
*Dangl, Thomas, and Michael Halling. "Predictive regressions with time-varying coefficients." Journal of Financial Economics 106 (2012): 157-181. (Code and data here)
*Rapach, David E., Jack K. Strauss, and Guofu Zhou. "Out-of-sample equity premium prediction: Combination forecasts and links to the real economy." Review of Financial Studies 23 (2010): 821-862. (Code and data here)
Rapach, David E., and Guofu Zhou. "Forecasting stock returns." Handbook of Economic Forecasting 2, no. Part A (2013): 328-383.
Van Binsbergen, Jules H., and Ralph SJ Koijen. "Predictive regressions: A present‐value approach." Journal of Finance 65 (2010): 1439-1471.

3. Forecasting interest rates. [6 hours]

*Lecture Slides (Part 1Part 2)
Bauer, Michael D. "Restrictions on risk prices in dynamic term structure models." Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 36 (2018): 196-211.
Bikbov, Ruslan, and Mikhail Chernov. "Monetary policy regimes and the term structure of interest rates." Journal of Econometrics 174 (2013): 27-43. (Some data and code routines here)
*Coroneo, Laura, Domenico Giannone, and Michele Modugno. "Unspanned macroeconomic factors in the yield curve." Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 34 (2016): 472-485. (Code and data here)
*Duffee, Gregory. "Forecasting interest rates.Handbook of Economic Forecasting 2 (2013): 385-426. (Code and data here)
*Piazzesi, Monika. "Affine term structure models." Handbook of Financial Econometrics 1 (2010): 691-766. (Code and data here)

Time travel: affine vs. non-affine models in past editiorns of the course here

4. Forecasting with option-implied information and conditional heteroscedasticity models [5 hours]

*Lecture Slides  (Part 1Part 2)
Christoffersen, Peter, Kris Jacobs, and Bo Young Chang. "Forecasting with option-implied information." Handbook of Economic Forecasting 2 (2013).
Christoffersen, Peter, Kris Jacobs, Chayawat Ornthanalai, and Yintian Wang. "Option valuation with long-run and short-run volatility components." Journal of Financial Economics 90 (2008): 272-297. (Code and data here)
Rodríguez, María José, and Esther Ruiz. "Revisiting several popular GARCH models with leverage effect: Differences and similarities." Journal of Financial Econometrics 10 (2012): 637-668.
*Rosenberg, Joshua V., and Robert F. Engle. "Empirical pricing kernels." Journal of Financial Economics 64 (2002): 341-372. (Some code and data here)
5. Estimating and Forecasting Asset Prices with Macroeconomic, Structural Models [4 hours]
Garcia, René, and Richard Luger. "Risk aversion, intertemporal substitution, and the term structure of interest rates." Journal of Applied Econometrics 27 (2012): 1013-1036.
*Lettau, Martin, and Sydney C. Ludvigson. "Euler equation errors." Review of Economic Dynamics 12 (2009): 255-283.
*Ludvigson, Sydney. "Advances in consumption-based asset pricing: empirical tests." Handbook of the Economics of Finance 2 (2013).


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