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   A.Y. 2014/2015 - Classes: 15, 16, 17
   A.Y. 2015/2016 - Classes: 15, 16, 17
   A.Y. 2016/2017 - Classes: 15, 16, 17
   A.Y. 2017/2018 - Classes: 15, 16, 17

Feb. 12: The solutions to part 1 of the exam of Feb. 4 can be found here. Please keep in mind that, should it be possible for you to attend the paper view in persone, academic regulations allow you to delegate the view to one of your colleagues or a third person, provided that you proceed to time communicate the name of the person you have entrusted with the task.

Jan. 16: Your tutor (M. Magnani) correctly points out that there is a more appropriate way to solve question 6.C in Mock Question 6, that you can also find here.

Jan. 13: as I have explained in early September 2019, the OPTIONAL readings connected to question 2.C (see Lecture 0) are those NOT marked with a * in the reading list available on this web site. When they are not uploaded (for legal reasons this is not always possible, as per the University Regulations on copyright), you can retrieve/download them using a University PC or the Library Services (and approximately 110 days were given to perform this operation).

Optional == it is possible to achieve a score equivalent to up to 31 (rounded) in part 1 without answering question 2.C

Jan. 11: in slide set 4, slide 19, the formula ought to read asì:

Dec. 28: Schedule of office hours in preparation of the exams of January and February 2019 (please do not send long e-mails listing questions, attend office hours instead -- they are warmly advised by the University also to allow a close interaction between faculty and students and they cannot be replaced by e-mail exchanges)

     Jan. 14, 8.45-10.15 (dott.ssa Magnani)
     Jan. 15, 18.00-20.00 (Prof. Guidolin)
     Jan. 23, 17.30-19.45 (Prof. Guidolin)
     Jan. 30, 18.30-20.15 (dott.ssa Magnani)
     Jan. 31, 18.00-20.00 (Prof. Guidolin)

Nov. 13: If you are looking for an investment idea concerning your markets and asset management interviews, one example

Sept. 26: In case you want to know more about applications of Machine Learning in asset management, please browse here.

Sept. 5: Lecture 0 è here.There is no midterm exam, see posted class syllabus.



(p. 212) Formula (6.22) should read like

(p. 106) The approximation formula (4.8) should be about a_hat on the left-hand side and not (a_hat/W0). See the right formula in lecture 3, slide 7.

Office hours by Prof. Guidolin: see his Bocconi's web page (please click here in the dedicated space)


Office hours of our teaching assistant, Ms. Magnani (e-mail:

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