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Published papers

The Returns to Hedge Fund Activism: An International Study (with Marco Becht, Julian Franks, and Jeremy Grant), 2016
Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.

  • Winner of the Inaugal 2015 CAMRI Prize in Asset Management
The Survival of the Weakest: Flourishing Family Firms in Germany (with Julian Franks and Colin Mayer), 2015
Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 27, 27-35. 

Does Family Control Matter? International Evidence from the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis (with Karl Lins and Paolo Volpin), 2013.
Review of Financial Studies 26, 2583-2619.

  • Winner of S.A.C. Capital Advisors Best Conference Paper Award presented at the 39th European Finance Association Annual Meeting

The Life Cycle of Family Ownership: International Evidence (with Julian Franks, Colin Mayer, and Paolo Volpin), 2012.
Review of Financial Studies 25, 1675-1712.

  • Lead Article

Leverage and Pricing of Debt in LBOs (with Paolo Colla and Filippo Ippolito), 2012.
Journal of Corporate Finance 18, 124-137.

Where do Firms Incorporate? Deregulation and the Cost of Entry (with Marco Becht and Colin Mayer), 2008.
Journal of Corporate Finance 14, 241-256.

The Origins of the German Corporation: Finance, Ownership, and Control (with Julian Franks and Colin Mayer), 2006.
Review of Finance 10, 537-585.

Working Papers

The Value of Offshore Secrets – Evidence from the Panama Papers (with James O’Donovan and Stefan Zeume)

Do Institutional Investors Drive Corporate Social Responsibility? International Evidence (with Alexander Dyck, Karl Lins, Lukas Roth)

Do Qualifications Matter? New Evidence on Director Compensation (with Viktar Fedaseyeu and James Linck)

  • Winner of 2014 Southwestern Finance Association Best Paper Award in Corporate Finance, Dallas

Family Firms and Labor Market Regulation (with Morten Bennedsen, Sterling Huang and Stefan Zeume)

Wrath of the Titans: Forced CEO Turnover in the World’s Largest Firms (with Max Bader)

Corporate Governance and CEO Turnover Decisions (with Theodosios Dimopoulos)



Last updated January 16, 2017