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Political Economy of Structural Reforms

The Role of Political Partisanship during Economic Crises (05/2010)

CEPR DP 7834

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    The EURO and Structural Reform (05/2008)

    GALASSO VINCENZO with A. Alesina and S. Ardagna
    NBER wp. 14479, November 2008

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    The Political Economy of Flexicurity (forthcoming)

    GALASSO VINCENZO with T. Boeri and J.I. Conde-Ruiz
    Journal of the European Economic Association

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    The Political Economy Of Structural Reform: Empirical Evidence From Oecd Countries (07/2006)

    GALASSO VINCENZO with TT Dang, J. Hoj and G. Nicoletti
    OECD Eco Working Paper, 7/2006

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    How to gain Political Support for Reforms (2006)

    GALASSO VINCENZO with S. Carrillo, M. Castanheira, G. Nicoletti, E. Perotti and L. Tsyganok
    Oxford University Press

    in "Structural Reforms without Prejudices" edited by T. Boeri, M. Castanheira, R. Faini and V. Galasso, 2006.

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