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Current working papers

Working papers

Financial Markets and Unemployment (with Tommaso Monacelli and Vincenzo Quadrini), NBER Working Paper No. 17389, 2011

The Output Gap, the Labor Wedge, and the Dynamic Behavior of Hours (with Luca Sala and Ulf Soderstrom), CEPR Discussion Paper No. 8005, 2010

The Role of Search Frictions and Bargaining for Inflation Dynamics, IGIER Working Paper No. 304, 2006

Work in progress

Wage Cyclicality of New Hires, Match Quality and Unemployment Fluctuations, with Mark Gertler and Chris Huckfeldt

Who Creates and Destroys Jobs over the Business Cycle?, with Andrea Colciago

Recent discussions

Discussion of  Slow Recoveries, Worker Heterogeneity, and the Zero Lower Bound by Federico Ravenna and Carl Walsh, November 2013

Discussion of  Labor Market Reform in the Presence of …Financial and Labor Market Frictions by Andrea Caggese and Ander Perez, July 2013

Discussion of  Quantifying the Forces Leading to the Collapse of GDP after the Financial Crisis by Bob Hall, March 2012


Last updated November 20, 2013