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Current Research

My main field of expertise is non-cooperative game theory.
My main interests concern the more conceptual and foundational aspects of the theory.
In the last few years my research focused on interactive epistemology in dynamic games, games of incomplete information and psychological games. (How do players their beliefs about the type, behavior and beliefs of their co-players? How can we model belief-dependent motivations?). Recently, I have been exploring the (self-confirming) equilibrium implications of non-Bayesian attitudes toward uncertainty.
I also began to explore issues related to contract incompleteness.
(How do writing costs affect the form and extent of contract incompleteness?)
In some of my research I apply these theoretical ideas to specific economic issues, such as bidding, signaling, disclosure, self-enforcing agreements.



I am a Fellow of the Econometric Society. I am member of the Editorial Boards of Econometrica, Games and Economic BehaviorInternational Journal of Game TheoryResearch in EconomicsRISECTexts and Logic in Games  and Theoretical Economics.


In the last few years I have co-autored papers with Giuseppe AttanasiGiacomo BonannoSimone Cerreia VioglioGary CharnessAlfredo Di TillioMartin DufwenbergChiara Fumagalli, Edoardo GrilloFabio MaccheroniGiovanni MaggiElena ManzoniMassimo MarinacciRosemarie NagelMichele PoloMarciano Siniscalchi,  Amanda FriedenbergAntonio Penta, Andrea Prestipino and Dov Samet.

Last updated October 14, 2013