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Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Decision Sciences
Vice DirectorBELSS Experimental Laboratory

Research Areas: Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics,
   Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory, Neuroeconomics

Recent & Upcoming Seminars: 

  April: UC Santa Cruz (5th), UC Berkeley (12th), Caltech (14th)

  May: U. of Minnesota (2nd), Columbia (5th), UC Santa Barbara (13th), Ohio State (26th)

  September: U. of Zurich (30th)

  November: U. of Wisconsin (11th), NYU (17th), PITT (18th)

  December: U. of Trento (7th)



Why Blame?Journal of Political Economy, (2013) 121(6): 1205-1246
    (with M.Y. Gurdal and A. Rustichini)   [**shortlisted for the 2014 Exeter Prize for Research in Experimental Economics, Decision Theory and Behavioral Economics]



Social Risk and the Dimensionality of Intentions Management Science (with coming revisions; May 2016)

       (with J. Butler)


Working Papers
A Cold Shower for the Hot Hand Fallacy (December 2014) 
    (with A. Sanjurjo)  [** media **]

Is it a Fallacy to Believe in the Hot Hand in the NBA Three-Point Contest? (May 2015)
    (with A. Sanjurjo) [** media ** ]

Surprised by the Gambler's and Hot Hand Fallacies? A Truth of the Law of Small Numbers (July 2015)
    (with A. Sanjurjo) [** media ** ]


A Bridge from Monty Hall to the (Anti-)Hot Hand: Restricted Choice, Selection Bias, and Empirical Practice (Dec 2015)
    (with A. Sanjurjo)

Experienced vs. Observed Information (August 2012)
    (with Z. Maniadis)

Memory, Ambiguity, and Source Dependence (January 2013)
    (with I. Kopylov)

A Model of Frames and Norms in Games (December 2013)
    (with E.O. Kimbrough and A. Vostroknutov)

My Norms or My Preferences? (January 2010)
    (with M.Y. Gurdal)

Research in Progress
Parimutuel Markets and the beliefs of the crowd (with M. Dufwenberg)
Adaptive coding (with A. Rustichini)
Hot hand beliefs and the gambler’s fallacy for naturalistic human performance (with A. Sanjurjo)
Dishonesty (with E. Loewy)

Last updated November 29, 2016