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  Degree program Type   Date Time No. of registrations Registration
SHOW GROUPS CLMGO  04/06/2020 09.00 0 29/09/2019
SHOW GROUPS CLMGS  23/06/2020 09.00 37 17/06/2020
SHOW GROUPS CLMGO  10/07/2020 12.30 0 29/09/2019
SHOW GROUPS CLMGS  27/08/2020 11.30 0 21/08/2020
SHOW GROUPS CLMGO  05/09/2020 09.00 0 29/09/2019

PI =  Partial exam
S =  Written exam
O =  Oral exam
(**) Supplementary exam session reserved for specific students only. For further information check the exam section in the Guide to the University.
N.B. Students can take exams in all sessions as long as they satisfy the attendance requirements (semester course lessons in the study plan must be finished)
To access the partial exams scheduled at the end of each teaching semester, there are some limitations. Check the Guide to the University > Exams.