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Full Professor
Department of Finance

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Courses a.y. 2016/2017

40260 CORPORATE FINANCE 4 (Financial Crises)

Biographical note

Italian citizenship, female, one son.

Mother tongue Italian, Fluent in English and German.


Academic CV

Professor of Finance, Bocconi University, Department of Finance, since October 2013.

Professor of Economics, European University Institute, Joint Chair Economics Department and Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, 2008-2013.

Habilitation in Economics, University of Mannheim, 2007
Ph.D. in Economics, London School of Economics, 2000


Research areas

Financial Intermediation, Financial Crises and Regulation, Financial Markets, Competition Policy, Corporate Governance, Financial Development and Access.



Selected publications

1. "Deposits and Bank Capital Structure" (with Franklin Allen and Robert Marquez), Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

2. "Stakeholder Capitalism, Corporate Governance, and Firm Value" (with Franklin Allen and Robert Marquez), Review of Finance, forthcoming.

3.  "Money, Financial Stability and Efficiency" (with Franklin Allen and Douglas Gale), Journal of Economic Theory, 2014, 149, 100-127.

4. "Asset Commonality, Debt Maturity and Systemic Risk" (with Franklin Allen and Ana Babus), Journal of Financial Economics, 2012, 104(3), 519-534.

5. "Credit Market Competition and Capital Regulation" (with Franklin Allen and Robert Marquez), Review of Financial Studies, 2011, 24(4), 983–1018, lead article.

6. "Interbank Market Liquidity and Central Bank Intervention" (with Franklin Allen and Douglas Gale), Journal of Monetary Economics, 2009, 56(5), 639–652 .

7. "Mark-to-Market Accounting and Liquidity Pricing" (with Franklin Allen), Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2008, 45(2-3), 358–378.

8. "Credit Risk Transfer and Contagion" (with Franklin Allen), Journal of Monetary Economics, 2006, 53, 89–111.