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Angela Pettinicchio
SDA Associate Professor of Practice
Department of Accounting

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Biographical note

Born in Reading (UK), on the 9th July 1981. Degree in Business Administration and Law- Università Bocconi; M.Res in Finance Cass Business School (London); Ph.D Accounting, Cass Business School (London).

Academic CV

SDA Bocconi Associate PRofessor of Practice in Accounting. She is member of the Editorial Board of European Accounting Review and of JOurnal of Management and Governance. Previously, she worked as Assistant Professor in the Accounting Department of Bocconi University and coordinator of the Msc in Accounting, Financial management and Control

Research areas

Research Interests

Auditing, Audit quality, Audit pricing, Earnings management, Financial Reporting monitoring mechanisms.


Teaching Interests

Introductory Financial Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Group Accounting, Auditing.




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