Associate Professor
Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management

Personal page

Biographical note

Born January 13th, 1970. Degree in Economics from the Università di Urbino. PhD in corporate management (Università Politecnica delle Marche).

Academic CV

Associate professor of Economic Policy. Post-doc fellow at MERIT, University of Maastricht (2000-2002), visiting Scholar at SIEPR (Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research) at Stanford University (2003 and 2005), and Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh (2003). Visiting professor at Boston University a.y. 2015-2016. She is a CRIOS research fellow (Bocconi University).

Research areas

Economics and policy of innovation. Mechanisms and role of knowledge spillovers. 

Selected publications

2016. “It’s a Man’s Job. Income and the Gender Gap in Industrial Research” (with Karin Hoisl), Management Science, forthcoming

2016. "Used, blocking and sleeping patents: Empirical evidence from a large-scale inventor survey” (co-authored with S. Torrisi, A. Gambardella, P. Giuri, K. Hoisl, D. Harhoff), Research Policy, forthcoming

2014. “Learning to Be Edison: Inventors, Organizations, and Breakthrough Inventions” (with R. Conti and A. Gambardella), Organization Science, 25(3), pp. 833-849

2014. “The relationship between knowledge sourcing and fear of imitation” (with M. Giarratana), Strategic Management Journal, 35(8), pp. 1144-1163

2013. "When Distance Disappears: Inventors, Education, and the Locus of Knowledge Spillovers" (with P. Giuri), The Review of Economics and Statistics95(2) pp. 449-463

2009. "How ‘Provincial’ is your Region? Openness and Regional Performance in Europe" (with A. Gambardella and S. Torrisi), Regional Studies, 43(7), pp. 935-947

2007. "Stacking and picking inventions: The patenting behavior of European inventors" (with M. Romanelli), Research Policy, 36(8), pp 1128-1142

2007. "Inventors and Invention Processes in Europe. Results from the PatVal-EU survey" (with Giuri P., Brusoni S., Crespi G., Francoz D., Gambardella A., Garcia-Fontes W., Geuna A., Gonzales R., Harhoff D., Hoisl K., Lebas C., Luzzi A., Magazzini L., Nesta L., Nomaler O., Palomeras N., Patel P., Romanelli M., Verspagen B., Research Policy, 36(8), pp 1107-1127

2007. "Innovazione tecnologica e apertura delle regioni europee come determinanti della produttività del lavoro: un’analisi empirica" (with S. Torrisi), Economia e Politica Industriale, 34(1), pp. 75-101

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