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Biographical note

Born August 10th, 1968. Degree in Economic and Social Sciences from Università Bocconi. Master of Arts and PhD in Economics from New York University (1999).

Academic CV

Full Professor since 2011. Associate Professor at the "Ettore Bocconi" Department of Economics, 2005-2011. Assistant Professor of Economics at Boston College, 1999-2002. Research Fellow of IGIER and Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), International Macroeconomics Programme. He was Visiting Professor at the Central European University (Budapest) and Research Scholar at the European Central Bank. Director of the BA Degree in Economics and Social Sciences (since November 2009). Head of Ettore Bocconi Department of Economics since 1st November 2017.

Research areas

Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, International Macroeconomics.

Selected publications

"Housing Finance and Monetary Policy" (with A. Calza and L. Stracca), Journal of the European Economic Association (2011); Fiscal Policy, the Real Exchange Rate and Traded Goods", (with R. Perotti), Economic Journal (2010); "Unemployment Fiscal Multipliers" (with R. Perotti and A. Trigari), Journal of Monetary Economics (2010); New Keynesian Models, Durable Goods and Collateral Constraints", Journal of Monetary Economics (2009); Openness and the Sectoral Effects of Fiscal Policy" (with R. Perotti), Journal of the European Economic Association (P&P) (2008), "Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy in a Currency Union" (with J. Gali), Journal of International Economics (2008); "Optimal Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy with Home Bias", (with E. Faia), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (2008); Optimal Interest Rate Rules, Asset Prices, and Credit Frictions" (with E. Faia), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2007), Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Volatility in a Small Open Economy" (with J. Gali), Review of Economic Studies (2005); "Monetary Policy in a Low Pass-Through Environment", Journal of Money Credit and Banking (2004), "Into the Mussa Puzzle: Monetary Policy Regimes and the Real Exchange Rate in a Small Open Economy", Journal of International Economics, (2003).