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Biographical note

Born June 14th, 1974. Degree in Economics of Financial Markets and Institutions from Università Bocconi. Guest doctoral fellow at the Biostatistics Department, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. PhD in Statistics, Institute of Quantitative Methods, Università Bocconi. Master in Applied Econometrics, Institute of Economics and Quantitative Methods, Università di Pavia.

Academic CV

Since June 2007, Lecturer of Statistics. He teaches statistic in undergraduate and graduate programs. Professor of Quantitative Methods at SDA Bocconi School of Management, where he teaches quantitative methods at the MBA and at various other Master-level courses (MCF, MIHMEP).

Research areas

Mixture Models. Quantile-based Data Analysis. Multivariate Analysis. Data Analysis for Public Health. Applied Statistics.



Journal Articles (peer-reviewed)

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[In Italian]

  • Carnevale, C., Mazzuca, M. and Venturini, S. (2010) La value relevance del bilancio sociale: il caso delle banche europee, Economia Aziendale Online 2 93-110
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Books and monographs

  • Venturini, S. (ed.), Statistica per manager, Egea, 2010 (Italian translation of Klibanoff, P. et al., Managerial Statistics: A Case-Based Approach, Cengage)
  • Venturini, S. (ed.), Empirical Processes: Theory and Applications, n. 11, Quantitative Methods Institute, Università Commerciale L. Bocconi, 2005