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Biographical note

Born May 2nd, 1972. Degree in Economic and Social Sciences from Università Bocconi, cum laude (1995). PhD in Economics from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona (2000). Visiting scholar at Columbia University, New York, 1998 and 1999.

Academic CV

Associate Professor of Public Finance. Previously she was researcher at the University of Pavia, a Post-doc fellow at CORE, Université Catholique de Louvain.

Research areas

Public economics. Pension schemes. Welfare systems (pension, education). Gender economics and policies. Comparative analysis of tax systems.

Selected publications

For an up-dated list see the personal webpage

 Main recent articles:

  • When the state Mirrors the Family: The Design of pension systems (with V. Galasso), Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming
  • Gender quotas and the quality of politicians (with A. Baltrunaite, P. Bello, A. Casarico) 2014 Journal of Public Economics 118:62-74
  • Does democracy affect taxation and public spending? Evidence from developing countries (with R. Puglisi, S. Scabrosetti) 2013, Journal of Comparative Economics 41:684-717.
  • The role of income effects in early retirement (with J.I. Conde Ruiz e V.Galasso) 2013, Journal of Public Economic Theory 15(3): 477-505. 
  • On the Political economics of tax reforms: survey and empirical assessment (with M. Castanheira and G. Nicodème) (2012), International Tax and Public Finance 19(4): 598-624.
  • Public education and Redistribution when Talents are Mismatched (with M. Bernasconi) (2012), European Economic Review 56(1): 84-96.
  • Gender culture and gender gap in employment (with P. Campa and A. Casarico) (2011), CESifo Economic Studies 57(1):156-182.
  • Investing for the old age: Pensions, children and savings (with V. Galasso and R. Gatti) (2009), International Tax and Public Finance 16(4): 538-559.
  • Why are more redistributive social security systems smaller? (with P.Poutvaara and M.Kothenburger) (2008) Oxford Economic Papers 60(2), 275-292.
  • The Redistributive Design of Social Security Systems (with J.I. Conde Ruiz) (2007), The Economic Journal 117: 686-712.
  • Political Support and tax reforms with an application to Italy (2007) Public Choice 131 (1-2), 141-55.
  • How does ageing affect the welfare state? (with V.Galasso) (2007) European Journal of Political Economy, 23(2): 554-563. 
  • Lessons for an Aging Society: the Political Sustainability of Social Security Systems (with V. Galasso) (2004), Economic Policy 63-115.
  • Retirement and Social Security in a Probabilistic Voting Model (2002) International Tax and Public Finance 9, 331-348 (lead article).
  • Aging and Retirement: Evidence Across Countries (2002) International Tax and Public Finance 9, 649-670.
  • The Political Economy of Social Security: A Survey (with V. Galasso) (2002) European Journal of Political Economy 18: 1-29. (Top cited EJPE article)

 Main international books (refereed)

  • Women Directors: The Italian way and Beyond (with L. Amidani, A. Casarico, M.D'Amico, A. Puccio) 2014, Palgrave MacMillan
  • The political economy of taxation: l.essons from developing countries (with S. Scabrosetti) (2010), E. Elgar. 
  • Book Co-editor: Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in Latin America, with A. Barreix, L.Bernardi, A. Marenzi (foreword by V.Tanzi) (2008) Routledge.
  • Book Co-editor: Tax Systems and Tax Reforms in Europe, with L.Bernardi (foreword by V.Tanzi) (2004) Routledge.