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Biographical note

Gianfranco Siciliano received his Ph.D. in Accounting and Master of Arts (MA) in Economics at Duke University, in Durham (NC - USA). He was visiting researcher at the University of Texas at Dallas (TX - USA). He also studied at the Erasmus Hogeschool in Brussels (Belgium), at Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and as visiting doctoral student, at the University of Georgia in Athens (GA - USA). He obtained a doctorate and a degree in Business Administration (summa cum laude) at the University of Parma (Italy).

Before joining academy, he worked at the Internal Audit Department of Philips International NV in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and at several accounting firms in Milan and Parma.

An Italian national, he is fluent in English, Dutch/Flemish, French, Spanish, and he is conversational in Portuguese, with notions of Chinese.

Academic CV

Visiting Professor, University of Texas at Dallas, TX (USA), 2016-2017

Ph.D., Accounting, Duke University, NC (USA), 2013

MA in Economics, Duke University, NC (USA), 2010

Doctorate, Business Administration, University of Parma, 2007

BBA, University of Parma, (cum laude), 2001

Bocconi University Teaching Award, 2017

Bocconi University Young Researcher Grant, 2015

Scholarship Best Student University of Parma, Department of Economics, 2000

Research areas

Gianfranco Siciliano is an Assistant Professor in the Accounting department. He is an award-winning teacher. He received the Bocconi University 2017 Teaching Prize. He is also a researhcer. His primary research interest focuses on the properties and economic effects of accounting information and accounting standards, particularly in international settings. He has examined how IFRS affects the comparability and usefulness of financial statement information. His current research interests are in the area of earnings quality, risk disclosure, and family firms.

Selected publications


  • A. Achleitner, N. Fichtl, C. Kaserer, G. Siciliano, 2014. Real Earnings Management and Accrual-based Earnings Management in Family Firms, European Accounting Review
  • P.G. Marchetti, G. Siciliano, M. Ventoruzzo, Dissenting Directors, European Business Organization Law Review, 19(1), 2018
  • P.G. Marchetti, G. Siciliano, M. Ventoruzzo, Disclosing Directors, European Business Organization Law Review, Forthcoming, 2019
  • G.Siciliano, P. Kim, P. Marchini, Information content of earnings announcements around IFRS adoption and a simultaneous change in press release disclosure in Italy, The International Journal of Accounting, Forthcoming, 2019


Chapters in books:

  • Valutazioni e analisi di bilancio, a cura di Gianluca Lombardi Stocchetti, Pearson, 2013 (Capitolo 9)
  • Trasparenza nei bilanci e tutela del risparmio nei gruppi aziendali, a cura di Stefano Azzali, McGraw-Hill, 2007 (Capitolo 2) 
  • Bilancio Sociale e Valori di Impresa, a cura di P. Marchini, V. Tibiletti, MUP, Parma, 2004,, pag. 27-49 e pag. 113 - 272

Other articles:

  • Esterovestizione e controllo congiunto, Il Fisco n. 19/2007, fasc. n. 1, p. 7018 - 7024 (with Giuseppe Bernoni e Alessandro Dragonetti)
  • G. Garegnani, M. Livatino, N. Pecchiari, G. Siciliano, Dal modello del controllo al modello del rischio: l’ERM, Rivista dei dottori commercialisti, Milano Giuffré, marzo-aprile 2006