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Biographical note

Nicola Gennaioli studies topics at the intersection of psychology and finance and topics in the economics of political and legal institutions.  He has published several paper in the leading international journals.

He obtained a PhD in economics from Harvard University in 2004. Before joining Bocconi in 2012, he held research positions at CREI (2007-2011), Stockholm University (2004-2007), and a postdoc position at Harvard (2009-2010). He has also been Research Professor at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (BGSE).

He holds appointments in various international scientific associations and reviews. He is a research fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI).  He is editor of the Journal of the European Economic Association, and associate editor of the Review of Economic Studies, Economic Journal, Review of Finance and Journal of Development Economics.  He has been a panel member at Economic Policy.

Academic CV

His most recent publications are (an exhaustive list can be found in my personal webpage):

Finance and the Preservation of Wealth (with A. Shleifer and R. Vishny), Quarterly Journal of Economics
Salience Theory of Judicial Decisions (with P. Bordalo and A. Shleifer), Journal of Legal Studies.
Money Doctors (with A. Shleifer and R. Vishny), The Journal of Finance.


Research areas

Behavioral Economics and Finance.



State Capacity and Military Conflict (with H.J. Voth), The Review of Economic Studies
Growth in Regions (with R. La Porta, F. Lopes-de-Silanes, and A. Shleifer), Journal of Economic Growth